Crown & bridges

Our long-lasting crown and bridge products are made of high-performance materials and can be used for a variety of restoration applications.  Our crowns and bridges, whether ceramic, porcelain, metal, resin, or zirconia PFM, seem perfectly natural and will make your patients desire to show off their gorgeous smiles.


We produce high-end, realistic-looking detachable restorations by using the best acrylic and exclusive technologies to mimic the color and translucency of real teeth. Our dentures will require little chairside maintenance and correction, and these molds will be able to withstand years of use and abuse while still offering patients the maximum level of comfort.

Dental Manufacturing

When Digital Dental was established, the only goal that was in anyone’s mind was to modernize the dental laboratory process.
Our solutions improve both the quality of treatment provided to patients and the efficiency of dental offices.
Digital Dental will make the move to the digital age easier for your firm.


Give your patients back their smiles with a custom implant that will last for years.
Our implant abutments are precisely tailored to fit each client flawlessly and feature cutting-edge technology and materials.
High-quality production ensures that you greatly reduce the time spent making manual adjustments because they are suited for soft tissue contours and to support maintaining good dental health.


One of the best denture treatment options available now is partial dentures.
These flexible partials offer great stability and visual appeal and are more dense than comparable materials. They are also stain- and warp-resistant.
They are offered in three basic design options: bilateral, unilateral, and in combination with cast metal frames. They are metal-free, readily relined, and repairable.


At a lower cost, aligner corrects alignment difficulties just as well as name-brand clear aligners.
It’s easy to order our aligners for your patients.
Any digital scanner can be used to upload a digital scan, and Digital Dental will then generate a completely personalized plan for you to edit as necessary.