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For most practices, the answer is yes.
If you use the system less than five times per month, you probably won’t save any money.
Use our calculator to find out how much you would save on impression material, shipping, lab fees, and time.

Yes, each system has its own way to learn it.
At first, it may take you longer to scan than it would to take a traditional impression.
Don’t stop trying!
The scanners we sell will save you time when you take impressions, and their accuracy should also cut down on the amount of time you spend in the chair.
There is no time needed for packing, labeling, or shipping out.

The process is different for each system.
You can find out how to send us a case from your scanner by clicking here.

Because it takes less time and work to make a digital crown, and because remakes are less risky, the price can be lower.
We don’t have to worry about models coming in, trimming, or scanning.